We wanted to take this opportunity to provide an update regarding the COVID-19 Coronavirus related to our community here at Bear Cut Fitness.

For many of us, our box not only serves as a place where we get stronger physically and mentally, but it’s also our place of solace, of stress relief. It’s where we get away from the real world and enjoy the best hour of our day.

Because of this, we will remain open to continue to serve our members and community with the best fitness program on the Key. However, with the current situation these are the rules we all need to follow to keep our community safe.

  1. If you don’t feel 100%, don’t come in, take the day off from training. COVID-19 can be infectious without the person showing any symptoms. In other words don’t wait till you are sneezing and coughing, stay home and speak to your primary care provider.
  2. Wash your hands before and after every class.  This goes without being said. You should be doing this inside as well as outside the box. Wash your hands thoroughly for at least 20 seconds. If you don’t know how long that is, sing the “Happy Birthday” song to yourself. Also, keep your hands away from your face!
  3. Limit touching of all kinds. No handshakes or high fives. We are a very supportive community and we love to cheer on our fellow members, and celebrate. We can still do that, but please perform faux high fives and fist bumps.
  4. Wipe down equipment after every class. Most important rule here. We have Monk’s disinfectant wipes around the box, please use them to wipe your equipment before and after you use them.
  5. Limiting touch points. Limit use of the keyboard to sign in and enter your score. You can accomplish both by using the WODIFY app on Apple iOS and Android. We will wipe the keyboard every class regardless. Don’t use markers to write things down, and we will also remove the chalk. Use the back of your hand to use the water fountain, then wipe it after.

These are the actions the box will be taking to keep our community safe:

  1. Modifications to the programming. The workouts  going forward will  use less equipment and we will spend more time running outside instead of being on the assault bike (I know some of you cheered outloud to read that) or rower.
  2. Cleaning and disinfecting. We currently have a cleaning crew that does an amazing job cleaning the box on Friday nights. We are contracting another professional cleaning crew (R.S.T) that will do a deep clean with a peroxy disinfection system on Tuesdays. Everything in the box is sterilized. Everything. Additionally, we’ll be using a disposable wet mop after each class.
  3. Limiting the class size to 8 athletes. This cap ensures that everyone has an appropriate amount of space to move around and to decrease the risk of transmitting germs. The Saturday class will have a cap of 12 as we will manage part of the team or workouts will be outside. Please sign into class and reserve your space by the night before. Download the WODIFY app on Apple iOS and Android. If you don’t remember your login and password you can reset it, or simply email me and I can reset your password and send you another “welcome” email.

We thank you for your support through this time and we look forward to keeping a safe environment where we can continue to train. We will monitor this situation and keep all members updated. Should you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to reach out to our team.

Let’s all work together to stay healthy and safe!

Bearcut Coaching Team